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2017年12月8日 : 本日より おすすめパスタランチ!

2017年11月24日 : This is a lunch of pasta?

This is a lunch of pasta!
Spaghetti with shrimp and avocado
Tomato cream sauce
It is rare in our tomato cream sauce!
2017年11月17日 : Tottori × Okayama restaurant fair!

Allows to Tottori beef salad

Okayama Prefecture pork stocks-irrelevant-the peperoncino with homemade bacon and cabbage

Tottori mellow red wine are available!
2017年11月17日 : Beaujolais season!

Beaujolais season was ~!
Please enjoy the new red wine!
201711-7 pm : It turns a lunch today!

Jigozen in Hiroshima Prefecture Gratin of oysters and eggplant

Peperoncino with Bacon and mushrooms
This provides the peperoncino with fresh oysters and popular!

Ginza Italy Pavilion dedication

Thorough attention to materials, is wholeheartedly spared no pains.

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