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2017年5月1日 : Mixing sea urchins and squid spaghetti with cream sauce

Changes the special pasta lunch!
Mixing sea urchins and squid spaghetti with cream sauce
It is pasta Italy Pavilion!
2017In April, 9 pm : Contract farmers, fresh tomato Chair

4,May's events
Fukaya city, Saitama Prefecture offers dishes made Iino's tomato "tomato Berry".
Tomato very cute Strawberry-like form. Tomatoes are high in sugar and fresh!

2017March, 11. : White share course

White share courses, two persons, is ¥ 6,800! Food is 4 and special Dolce, coffee. You can choose your favorite dishes! Up to 14 days
2017On February 22. : Pasta lunch
Tomorrow's lunches and more changes of pasta! Oven fried tomato of peperoncino is Shirasu! You forward your visit!
2017On February 15th. : Lunch

Lunch has been changed!
Kani cream croquette with tartar sauce Neapolitan sauce
It is using a crab croquette!
Thank you because it is limited to 10 servings!

Ginza Italy Pavilion dedication

Thorough attention to materials, is wholeheartedly spared no pains.

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